Behind the Blog

It's hard to introduce myself.  I never know what to say...."Hello, I think you should get to know me- here are the most intimate details of my life that you never wanted to know."

I feel like I at least need to give you my "jailhouse" know: I'm 5' 7", I have rather short, frizzy hair, I have black, beady eyes, I have very good teeth.   See, now if I ever commit a crime, the police will be able to identify my from my blog, because I am sure the police read my blog.  

Okay, now that the formalities are over with - let me give you some more personable details: 

1. I have just recently graduated from college with a B.A. in Business Administration from the Master's College.  

2. I love to write (hence the blog).  Seriously, I want to write a book. However, I don't really know what the book will be about, my ideas change daily.  I usually write the first page of my "Next Great American Novel" and then read it over, think it's stupid and delete it from "My Documents." 

3. I pretend that I love to run, however every time the idea of getting in the work-out clothes pops into my head, I shove those ridiculous thoughts out with thoughts of watching my favorite T.V. shows.  Watching "The Office" will beat going running pretty much every time.  

4. I am a picky eater.  My nutrition pyramid consists mostly of pasta, cheese and green beans.   

5. I love Jesus Christ and I am steadfast Christian, dedicated to serving him.   

6. I love to make people laugh, which is why my blog is (mostly) a humor/life blog.  I try to write about things that happen to me (and probably happen to everyone) and I try to put enough interesting details in that you aren't tempted to leave my blog and go read an engineer blog instead. 

If you want to contact me at all, shoot me an e-mail @ philpotek(at)mail(dot)masters(dot)edu.