Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm sorry about not doing the heavy lifting on this one...i have an old computer-related injury

A while back, I was volunteering at a food distribution center. My assignment was to move boxes from the trucks to the "box-opener" people. One of my fellow recruits declined from this very noble task, "due to an old video-game injury."

I had laughed when he had told me this. I mean, really?!?!?! Our ancesters worked 10-hour days in the hot, 100-degrees sun. They plowed with nothing but an old mule, a wooden plow, and hard rocky soil. Their injuries included kicked-in knee-caps from their stubborn mules; sore, blistery hands; misaligned backs; and poor nutritient-feed, worn-out bodies. They didn't have "video-gamer" thumbs. This fellow food-bank volunteer was a whimp in my eyes.

Until last week.

I got a kink in my neck from leaning in towards my screen all day. I had to put bengay on my sore shoulder.....that had moved a two-ounce plastic mouse over a half-foot radius all day. I now have a "computer-related injury."

Unfortunately, I can't boast about my wounds. No one wants to hear the story behind the kinked neck when it involves starting at a dimly lit screen looking at mice and men....(Yes, that is what I do all day- read previous posts for explanations).

I need to get better injuries so I can have better stories. I want to talk about "mule-related injuries." Those are the good ones. They involve blood and gore. Not whiskers and tails.

Anyone got any fields to plow? A mule I can borrow?

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Billy said...

I have the same thing except it's in my back!! arrrrg...