Friday, July 2, 2010

Gangsters have pretty handwriting

I ride the train to work now. The best part of my daily trip back and forth to the office is admiring all the "artwork" displayed on the adjourning walls that line the railroad tracks.

You gotta admit, gangsters have pretty handwriting.

As we whistle our way down the tracks, I try to read my local gangster news update, posted on their wall (kinda like on facebook.....wait was facebook created by gangsters??????????) . I, of course, don't understand gangster language as most of it is written in some form of acronym code...and I am sure if I did actually know what the signs and letters meant, I would be disgusted.

However, I always try to think the best of everything, and therefore I come up with my own translation of the curvy, colorful letters that whiz by my train window.

Here is what I "translated" today. By the way, if you are an actual gangster (because, of course, I am sure my blog is read by the most afluent gangsters) and these next couple translations aren't what you meant....send my a complaint lettter.

And pull your pants up.

Gangster's wall post: BFRWOER $*@&$&@!!!$$#*$&@! Death

My translation: Best Friends R Wonderful Only Everywhere Radical. Flowers, Rainbows, Sunshine......Death (okay, I really don't know how to translate a gangster word if they actually write out the entire word in English.)

Gangster's wall post: GRWIOQ ::Peace Sign crossed out::: :::Heart:: :::Random blob on wall:::

My translation: Great Rain Will Ink On Quietly. :::I heart Peace::: :::See, I drew a heart:::: :::Freudian Ink Blotch...I want to be a psychiatrist when I put down this spray paint can:::::

My train rides are full of great reads. Forget books or newspapers, I read gangster literature.

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