Sunday, July 4, 2010

How to [Not] watch movies with my parents

My parents almost never watch movies.

Movies waste time you could be doing dishes, doing the laundry or gardening. However, sometimes I convince them that it might help them to watch a movie so that they can do even more work(or rather commission me to do even more chores) afterwards.

Today, I got them to watch Young Frankenstein- they were able to watch half of it. My mom has to make a comment about every swear word.

Usually, she goes like this:
Movie: "$&@&!!
Mom: Ugh!!!! How can people say that!!!! Do they have no moral code?!?!?! What is wrong with today's society?!!!?!

My dad loves the action and the funny quotes. However, it's very, very, very awkward to watch a movie as father/daughter when it makes any male anatomy reference.

Movie: :::Male anatomy reference:::
Dad: :::stern/serious/no expression face:::
Me: :::looks intently at my shoes:::

My parents are the only people in the world who can make me want to go do the dishes instead of watch a movie.

Movie: ::Male anatomy reference::: #*@*!!!
Mom: UGHH!!!!! The nerve of today's Hollywood!!!! I can't take this anymore!!! :::storms out of room:::
Dad: ::stern/serious/no expression face:::
Me: I am going to go clean my room.

I think I will be doomed to watch Princess Bride and Little House on the Prairie forever, and repeatedly clean our entire house.


Billy said...

The more you write the more your parents sound like my parents. Lol

The Business Student said...

yeah, i get that vibe too :) Maybe we are distant cousins :)