Saturday, July 17, 2010

Well... I guess I have been needing the workout

My dad just repainted his '98 Honda Accord....and it sucks.

The paint job itself looks fantastic. My dad is just trying to save money and not buy a whole new car just because the paint on his Honda had peeled a little bit. He is just being frugal, and that's great.


He is now treating this 12+ year-old car like it's a Mercedes Benz or BMW, special edition.

We have to park in the farthest, most remote parking spot in any lot.

Today, after we had already parked in most out-of-the-way spot on a trip to Subway, he realized that he had parked SLIGHTLY crooked. Not even all the way out of the lines, just slightly slanted. Well, he had to get back in the car and repark. I had to stand to the side and wait for my 50+ year-old father to adjust his 12+ year-old car (a very BORING car, not even a cool classic car!!!) in a parking spot that was so far from civilization that we probably could have gone hunting for our food (yes, we were in that remote of a spot-wild animals had to be close).

I am not complaining....don't get me wrong. I just hate having to hike to Subway when technically we did drive there. But I guess I can always use the exercise.

I am just secretly waiting until a shopping cart gives us a ding or a bird poops on the car so we can park where normal people park.

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