Thursday, July 22, 2010

Never let me choose my title

I got the power. This last week my boss asked me what I thought my title at work should be.

One thing you should should never ask me what I think my title is. It could get pretty ridiculous.

Allow me to explain what I do. I am in the "marketing department." What does that mean? I blog, I call people, I go into meetings. Routine. However, before you envision a bustling department thriving with ad campaigns and streamlined online presence.....don't get too excited. Why? Because I am the only one in the marketing department. Yep. It's me, a computer, and a phone.

So technically....i am the marketing manager. In fact...i am the SENIOR marketing manger. There is no one ranged higher in my department.

I started brainstorming on my title. I mean, there is so much potential. I could be Marketing Wizard. Just think of the cool introductions I would get. "Um, yes, you want to speak to our Marketing department? Let me transfer you to our "Marketing Wizard." The only problem may be that people might confuse me with Harry Potter.

I could be Marketing Director. But I shut that down because what am I directing exactly? I really don't have any power, because all decisions have to be finalized by senior management. So....all I could direct is what snack I get out of the vending machine, which makes me only the director of snacks.

My next idea was to make a super long title for myself. Why make introductions easy for others? "You want to speak to our Marketing Department? No problem, let me transfer you to our Marketing-and-self-directed-specialist-in-all-things-related-to-communication-and-social-media-manager-who-coordinates-campaigns-and-updates-our-Web-site-Vice-President-of-public-relations."

I'll probably get stuck with a lame title that no one can decipher. "I'm the marketing coordinator." you coordinate? What do you coordinate? "Myself, I coordinate myself!!!!"

Marketing. It's so awesome that it can't be put into a title. No title is worthy enough.

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